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Lizzie Nonsense - Activity Time

Create a Royal Crown of Australian Flora

What you need:

  1. A collection of Australian flora from your local area

  2. A crown base

  3. Adhesive (e.g. hot glue gun, sticky tape, twine)

  • Use books or the internet to learn about native Australian plants and flowers, and what grows in your local area (e.g. Wattle, Kangaroo Paw, Bottlebrush, gum leaves etc.). —
  • Take a walk around your local area, collecting samples of Australian plants and flowers (You might also want to use leaves, grasses, bark and twigs).
  • —Prepare the base for your crown (You could cut a crown from paper, use a plain headband or create a circular garland/wreath using twine, florist’s wire or by twisting or rolling fabric or brown paper).
  • Attach your pieces from nature to the crown using your chosen adhesive.
  • —Allow your crown to dry (if using glue) before using it as an imaginative play prop.



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