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May Gibbs: Tales From the Gum Tree

Oh my! cried Snugglepot. I'm flying, I'm really flying! He couldn't believe he was up in the big blue sky, and it was simply glorious.

Join the delightful Snugglepot and Cuddlepie in their enchanting adventures through the Australian bush. With amazing butterfly rides, boating escapades and a surprise moonlight pageant, prepare to fall in love with May Gibbs' classic characters.

Inspired by the original Gumnut babies stories and illustrations, Tales from the Gum Tree is simply charming. Written beautifully by author Jane Massam, read engagingly by storyteller Kate Ritchie, and brimming with gorgeous illustrations in May Gibbs' iconic style by illustrator Caroline Keys, this is a story that is sure to captivate a new generation. Filmed on the grounds of May Gibbs' Nutcote, the house in which she lived in for 44 years, this is truly something special.

Tales from the Gum Tree celebrates 100 years since the introduction of May Gibbs' iconic creatures into Australian bush mythology. 

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