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Meet Australia's Laureates

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About the Short Film

Watch and be inspired as our Australian Children's Laureates past and present, plus ACLA (Australian Children's Literature Alliance) Chair Ron Gorman, explain the importance of the Laureate initiative and just how children's lives can be enriched through the power of story. 

The Laureate's role is to promote the importance and transformational power of reading, creativity and story in the lives of young Australians. ACLA works closely with aligned partners to develop a culture of reading in Australia, which is why here at Story Box Library, we were incredibly honoured to be asked to utilise our resources to create this short film highlighting the importance of the Laureate initiative.

We urge you to watch and share this short film with friends, colleagues and families, so that they too can be inspired and join in the push to further the cause of Australian children's literature with the aim of transforming  children's lives. 

Huge thanks go to Leigh HobbsJackie FrenchAlison LesterBoori Monty Pryor and Ron Gorman for giving up their valuable time to share their experiences of the Laureateship as Laureate and their insights into the power of story. We also thank our hugely talented production team for their passion and skill in creating this inspiring video. 


*captions available.

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