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The Ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon - Activity Time

Design a new wallpaper for Annabel Spoon’s house

If you take note of Annabel’s house you will notice that it is run down and the wallpaper needs replacing.

What you need:

  • Poster paper

  • Paints, textas, pencils or crayons

  • Other decorating materials. E.g. stamps, stencils, stickers

    —Write a list of Annabel’s likes, interests and hobbies. Also take note of Annabel’s mood in the last illustration.
    ● Talk about this information with your child and discuss the types of designs and colours that might suit Annabel’s personality and interests.
    ● Provide your child with paper and appropriate materials that would help them achieve these designs.
    ● Allow your child time to create a wallpaper design with the materials provided.



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