Following the success of our expert discussion, featuring academic Dr Helen Adam, and author Melissa Keil, discussing the importance of representation and diversity in children’s literature, Story Box Library is sharing the recording of this informative event, plus resources shared from participants.

Our informative and engaging panel event reached hundreds of people from across Australia and New Zealand, and even audiences from China, Korea, Singapore, USA and the UK! Thank you to all who attended the event, and to all interested registrants. 

Watch the event recording and download presentation slides.

Recommended titles available on Story Box Library

Dr Helen Adam's & audience-recommended children’s book titles

Additional resources

Dr Helen Adam’s works

  • Adam, H., Hays, A., & Urquhart, Y. (2021). The Exclusive White World of Preservice Teachers’ Book Selection for the Classroom: Influences and Implications for Practice. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 46(8).

  • Adam, H. (2021). When Authenticity Goes Missing: How Monocultural Children’s Literature Is Silencing the Voices and Contributing to Invisibility of Children from Minority Backgrounds. Education Sciences, 11(1), 32. doi:10.3390/educsci11010032

  • Adam, H., & Barratt-Pugh, C. (2020). Book sharing with young children: A study of book sharing in four Australian long day care centres. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy.

  • Adam, H., & Barratt-Pugh, (2020) The challenge of monoculturalism: what books are educators sharing with children and what messages do they send? . Australian Educational Researcher.

  • Adam, H., Barratt-Pugh, C. & Haig, Y. (2019). “Portray cultures other than ours”: How children’s literature is being used to support the diversity goals of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. Australian Educational Researcher.

Our expert discussion featured Early Childhood education teacher and consultant Linda Harrison, and Story Box Library’s Education Resource Developer, Amelia Otto, as they busted myths about screen time for young kids, and explore how digital technologies can enhance creativity and learning.

Watch this informative and practical speaker series event for all educators, librarians and families looking to learn more about using multimedia stories to enrich learning and play, with practical tips and information to integrate multimedia storytelling into early childhood education. Topics include:

  • The role and importance of digital play in early learning settings

  • Picture books as provocations for learning

  • Busting myths about screen time for young children

  • Using Story Box Library’s multimedia stories to enrich play and learning

  • Educational resources and approved learning frameworks with national curriculum links